Moir Construction Tennis Tayside Tournament May 2018

The second weekend of the Tournament is finished and Rhona Alston, President of Tennis Tayside says “As you can all see by the report below this was the most successful tournament which we have run for several years.  I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Rick for wonderful organisation of this event.  Also Rick if you could forward on our thanks from Tennis Tayside Board to all your assistant referees who tirelessly helped over the two weekends.  The St Andrews Club put on a wonderful selection of refreshments, over both weekends which was greatly appreciated by all.   Also thanks to Bill Duff who was in attendance both weekends to both give out trophies and  collect the cash and of course our grateful thanks to Moir Construction for their generous sponsorship. If I have missed anyone out, my apologies.  Absolutely outstanding tournament. ”

Congratulations to all winners and participants.  We show below some great photos of competitors, winners and runners up from both weekends of the Tennis Tayside Open Tournament at St Andrews and finish off with the photo of Rhona presenting Barry Moir with a thank you trophy.

See also attached two PDF files below. The first is the Overall Results of both weekends, the second is the Players per Club.  Note that this second list includes some withdrawals and as will be seen, we have more entries than before.

Moir Construction Tennis Tayside Tournament Results May 2018

Tennis Tayside Open Tournament – May 2018 – players per club