Major Constitutional Changes

To: All Tennis Tayside Member Clubs and Places to Play

May/June 2013.

As presented at the TT AGMs in 2011 and 2012,  and reported in  the TT annual reports for 2011 and 2012, there have been major constitutional changes in the wind for Tennis Tayside and Tennis Scotland.   These proposed changes will affect all the nine Districts of Tennis Scotland.   After a relatively lengthy round of proposals, consultations and amendments we believe that this process is now approaching a conclusion.

Briefly, Clubs will become direct members of Tennis Scotland, and will no longer be represented only through their Districts. The Districts will continue to organise leagues and tournaments but will no longer be responsible for the development of tennis, or representing their member clubs on Council of Tennis Scotland, as they once were.  (The development funds which were used for Club Vision and strategic projects stopped coming to Tennis Tayside after the change from per member to per court affiliation fees in 2010, so this is not a significant change from current practice).

Tennis Scotland (TS) will become solely responsible for the development of the sport in Scotland.   TS has strong backing from Sports Scotland and the LTA for this constitutional change and expects that it will result in longer term budget agreements with these two major funders ( 4 years as opposed to annual), and also result in significantly larger amounts of investment in the sport.

For those that are interested the most recent round of documents leading up to the revised articles of association are listed and linked below.  These are still confidential to member Clubs of TT. The final approved changes will be fully public.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the TT Board via the Secretary if you have any comments or queries.

Colin Allison

President, Tennis Tayside (2013)

Proposals from Tennis Scotland to the Districts ( March 2013)

Response from Tennis Tayside to the above proposals (April 2013)

Tennis Scotland’s response to TT’s response (April 2013)

TS Amended proposals (May 2013)

New Articles of Association for approval by 20th June 2013

Letter of support from LTA

Letter of support from Sports Scotland