Recruitment of Tennis Tayside Team Captain for 2019/21

 Tennis Scotland Junior Inter-District Championships

 Recruitment of Tennis Tayside Team Captain for 2019/21

 Closing date for applications Friday 13th September 2019

Tennis Tayside require a suitably qualified Tennis Coach to act as Team Captain for the three age group teams representing the District at the Tennis Scotland Junior Inter District Championships for the next two years.

The applicant is expected potentially to be available to the youngsters during the whole of their stay at Kilgraston. This means from early morning of the Wednesday to late afternoon on the Saturday.  As the children are accommodated and fed at Kilgraston School for the whole of the competition the coach would also be expected to help with supervisory evening activities and corridor checks, as necessary.

Tennis Tayside will remunerate the coach at £150 per day including evenings for four days and will also pay reasonable travel expenses. The following are some of the qualities that the District is looking for in a Team captain:

The successful applicant would be expected to liaise with the Tennis Tayside junior performance sub-committee regarding all matters pertaining to the District Championships and to assist with the compilation and maintenance of an appropriate database which will keep a record of all the higher ability youngsters in the District. If the applicant has no experience of this competition he/she would be instructed by the sub-committee.  Note that while the successful applicant is likely to undertake much of the organisation of the District training programme and coaching, they may also be asked to work with other coaches, from time to time, that the sub-committee requests.

 Applicants should apply by e-mailing their CV and a brief personal statement as to why they believe they are a good fit for this post to the Tennis Tayside Secretary, at

Informal queries should also be sent in the first instance to