Henderson Vase (Mixed) League 2018

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

Can Captains and team members please note and act on the following reminders from the Rules :-

Clubs must play their best three available couples in their first team, their next best three couples in their second team, etc.. If teams do not comply it may result in the offending team/s losing the sets affected by the non-compliance.  (The spirit of this rule means that if a club team in a higher league has a match cancelled, or is not playing on a normally scheduled night, they do not play instead of the normal members of the lower team.)   Infringements of Rule 8 may result in points being docked from all offending teams involved as well as sets docked.

Match Start Time: this is 6.15pm prompt, ie on court and knocking up

Any couples not on court and ready to play (with or without a knock up) by 6.30pm will forfeit the first round. Similarly, any couple not available and ready for play within ten minutes of the completion of round one will forfeit their remaining sets.

Shortening the length of Matches:

One way of doing this is to use the Single Point Deuce Option: This may be adopted where both teams, or couples, agree. Please note that it can operate throughout the match for all couples, for one or two couples only, and for all, one or two of the rounds. The key is that couples should agree. In the case of the Single Deuce remember that the receivers can indicate who will receive, ie the receiver does not have to be the player on the right all the time.

Rolling Tea: this is also a method of shortening the evening. Generally, from the end of the first round a pot of tea is made, the food is available to whoever wants to eat on an ongoing basis and this saves time at the end of the evening.

FLOODLIGHTS CURFEW: All teams please note

Where clubs have a curfew relating to the use of floodlights, it is the responsibility of the home team captain to make the visiting team aware of this before the match starts. This will ensure that discussions can be had, and decisions made, concerning ways in which the match format may be amended, such as playing single point deuce, to ensure a result is reached before the cut off time